6 tips on blog writing

6 tips on blog writing

August 28, 2018

Many people have already known about the blog posts But some people are still unknown about the blogs. Many questions are moving around people’s mind like: what is a blog? How to write a blog? what are the benefits by the blogging?, etc.

Blog is the word which is short form of ‘web log’. This is first coined by Jorn Barger. Blog writing practices had been started  in the early 1990s.This time the blog was  only written by journalist.

Blog is just an explanation of the topic which is seen around us and used in daily life. Blog is generally written about every things that we know. The language of the blog is most important because all readers must feel ease   to understand the central idea of the blog. That’s why the ‘write a blog’ is a sensitive subject. The process of writing the  blog posts is called blogging. And the person who write a blog is called blogger. You can learn more about blog by: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blog.


Blog posts are the learning point for all readers as well as writers. So, the languages and the words which are used in the blog must be simple to understand. Blog writer can make themselves more creative & informative. It increases the brain ability to thinking and get more information about any topics. Blogs are written to message information to the readers and share idea about certain scenario happening around the world. Blog is one of the best medium to show excellence and creativeness of writer.

It is not necessary to be a professional blogger to write the blog posts. Anybody can start to write a blog about any topic depending upon his/her field of interest in suitable time.

Following are the tips to write a blog :-

  1. Choose a strong & interesting topic
  • You have to make a strong and interesting topic. The topic plays very important role to make each artical or blog more attractive towards your reader. you may use the google key word to make your topic more powerful & attractive.
  1. Lead the post by a paragraph
  • The blog is being led by a paragraph which gives the central idea about the blog, It is important to make paragraph simple and valuable. This helps the visiter to catch real meaning of your topic.Don’t worry about spell or grammar.
  1. You have to pick an attractive image for your post
  • Image makes your blog post beautiful and the reader become more interested to read your whole post.
  1. Give your own examples and experience
  • The blog posts become more interesting to read if we could put examples and experieces related to the topic of blog. Through the blog give some knowledge & examples associated with the topic.
  1. Make your post & paragraph short as you can
  • If the blog post is long then people feel bored to read whole content of blogs. So make your paragraph suitable to the reader (sociable).Short blog is most readable to the visitor. It is not necessary to give unnecessary explanation. You must try to make your whole post as short as you can.
  1. Short summary & additional question
  • The summary is the most important part of the blog post.If some people are busy in their work then they wanted to read only your summary to save the time. In that case summary must contain the whole idea about your blog post. At last, you may add some attractive questions for readers, it helps to encourage people to write comments and ultimately population of your blogs.

Note* : You can earn money from your blog posts. Nowadays more than 82 million people are being counted in numbers for choosing blog writing as professions.