A Fresh Graduated Engineer’s Today’s Challenges

A Fresh Graduated Engineer’s Today’s Challenges

December 12, 2019

A feeling “I am now a fully trained engineer / I am now a skilled technical personnel” after the completion of fourth year is very common from the point view of a freshly graduated engineer. But the scenario becomes just opposite when a graduated fresher goes to the practical field (or say attending the job). It is normal that then a feeling of “what had I studied on those four years, where is the place I can utilize those things I read on 53 subjects”. Yes, of course this is a known case ongoing on every fresh graduates, every year which in fact is a major issue, which needs to get solved.

The major problem for this is due to the lack of internship period during the last year in B.E. for the students. For the graduates, college world and the actual working filed are completely different. It is just like the opposite banks of the river which never meet each other. Engineers are understood as the creator of unique and accurate concepts according to the field conditions. Community people have a feeling every engineers are equal and are for sure extra ordinary, which doesn’t match with the fresh graduates as they have not developed an idea on how they can use the knowledge gained at university practically on the field. 

There may be almost no a single engineer who haven’t felt that: what did I study all these years, when s/he was on the job for first 3 months. Those beginning some months are really so tough period for those graduates and the only root cause to this is due to the least practical schooling during the study period on university. On context of civil engineering, we are sent on field for survey practical for 3 semesters, we have some good practical knowledge on surveying field, but after the completion/ graduation we come to find out that surveying works are almost seen by an overseer. We as a civil engineer get a task to design various infrastructures (building, road, bridge,) which we had not done during the bachelor level. So, how can a fresh graduate give his best in this way? Yes, there is no doubt that, the so highly confident graduate feels having a zero knowledge with him/her, further s/he feels dull minded. It’s for sure the burning issue which must be addressed.Looking after all these scenarios, many fresh graduates make a plan to go abroad either to work or for further studying. They develop a feeling that learning methodology in Nepal is not friendly, so, many educated engineers have been making their destination towards USA, Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, China, Russia, UAE. And for sure who have been there are almost settled down there only. So, what for the nation, for my motherland. What did the country got as return when almost scholarship holders from government campus with sharpen mind go abroad and get settle down there.

Hereby, it is very essential to change the existing education system , there is no doubt on syllabus designed, but the essential of internship period within bachelor level is very essential, for example see at the architecture graduates, how confident are they. There must be strict provision to stop skilled manpower going abroad. We creators of concepts have lots more projects that can be done in Nepal and make our country as Woooow NEPAL.