September 15, 2019
New macro element modelling technique for URM infill wall with openings under seismic action

Frame structures with URM infill is one common construction type in Nepal and other regions of the world. Although, full infill wall can be considered by using equivalent diagonal strut, it is challenging for structural engineers to take into account the presence of openings in the infill wall during the seismic design of buildings. Few macro models have been developed to address this problem, but they are either too complicated to use or they create anomaly due to huge variation in the results. A new macro modelling technique is introduced here for URM infill wall with opening where the infill wall is discretized with the help of rigid elements. The discretized infill zone is represented by pair of diagonal link elements and the presence of opening is considered by removing the diagonal link in the zone of opening. The proposed model can be used for nonlinear static analysis of RC/steel framed building with masonry infills in earthquake prone regions like Nepal.

September 1, 2019
Climate Resilient Urban Design through Energy Efficient Planning and Design Revisiting Land Pooling Project in Kathmandu Valley

ABSTRACT Global climate change has rendered traditional urban design processes obsolete. A new paradigm is required in order to develop resilient urban areas able to adapt and thrive in changing global conditions, meet the requirements of carbon-reduction and other environmental measures, and sustain compact urban populations by providing necessary and desirable amenities for urban residents. […]

August 28, 2019
Contribution of Snow and Glacier on Hydropower Potential and its response to Climate Change, A Case study of Gandaki and Karnali Basin of Nepal

The perennial rivers that originate from high Himalayas are the major source of water during dry seasons when we need them the most. The flow in such rivers during dry seasons is supplied by melting of snow and glaciers-the natural frozen water reserves in the high altitudes. That’s why they are often referred as the […]

August 19, 2019
Design of IOT Based Patient Health Monitoring System using Wearable Biomedical Device

Abstract The concept of IOT depicts a network of electronics System that is connected with an Internet platform for the manipulation of real-time data. The user can get the real-time data of a security system, home automation system, Sensor networks to their smartphone as in the form of notification, this is only possible with the […]