April 28, 2019
Intelligent Irrigation System with Global Communication & Automation

Abstract– Intelligent irrigation system transforms the concept of the traditional approach of irrigation policy to a modern approach with an automation. This paper has focused on the implementation of smart irrigation project to support the current agriculture system with the intention to help farmers. Through this system, farmers were able to control water supply to […]

August 26, 2018
Ultrasonic Radar

ABSTRACT This project “ULTRASONIC RADAR” has been undertaken with an objective of measuring the distance, orientation and other possible attributes of the distant objects with the application of the RADAR principle using ultrasound as wave and to display it in radarscope in the local computer. We used ultrasonic transducers, transmitter to transmit the ultrasonic wave at 40 KHZ […]

August 26, 2018
Musical Water Fountain

Abstract The objective is simple, yet profound. Our team is to design an interface through which the audio music spectrum could be displayed by the following water fountain. Because of limited time and budget we had to narrow down our project to demonstrate the fountain by a single pump and with the arrays of LEDS. […]

August 24, 2018
GSM Based Smart Home Security System

Abstract -Smart home security system is based on GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) has been implemented with AVR (Alf and Vegard RISC) Atmega16 microcontroller. This system provides the theft detection and LPG gas detection notification to the respective user smartphone and is based on two sensor mechanism these are PIR Motion sensor and MQ2 […]