August 20, 2018
An Approach to Extract Features of Mammography Images for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Abstract Lesions and its contours are prominent signatures to determine malignancy in mammograms. Detection of the masses and their spread in mammogram is important for radiologists. In this paper, Mammogram image is enhancement using homomorphic filtering and adaptive histogram equalization. The enhanced mammogram image is segmented using K means clustering and contour is extracted using […]

August 20, 2018
Web Based Accounting Software For Small Businesses

Abstract An effective accounting information system is essential to any organization’s long run success. Without a means of monitoring the events that occur, there would be no way to determine how well the organization is performing. For this reason, we tried to develop such software in our major project. Our project “Web Based Accounting Software For Small Businesses “is […]

August 20, 2018
IOT Based Global Automation with Raspberry Pi

Abstract—Global Automation is an emerging technology of today’s era and is based on Internet of Things (IoT). Global automation deals with the controlling of electrical appliances throughout the world. The fabrication of this system has been carried out with interfacing an electrical control system module to Raspberry Pi. An electrical control system module includes a […]

July 3, 2018
GSM Mobile Positioning for LBS, Emergency call etc.

Abstract The Location of a mobile user is an utmost important because of its seamless mobility feature. The technology for finding such user in mobile network is now one of the most promising and research needed fields. Classification of potential location based system (LBS) application can be done as for public safety, consumer needs and enterprise […]