August 20, 2018

History of Hydropower Development in Nepal

Claims of Nepal as “second richest country” in the world after Brazil in hydropower potential has never been validated. Students and general public have been inundated with the 83,000 MW potential rhetoric- based on a 1966 PhD of Dr. Hari Man Shrestha.  However, another more scientific study lead by Prof. Narendra Man Shayk has shown […]

April 5, 2018

Structural engineering in Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is in fact a widely applied and practiced field of engineering. Amongst the various areas some of the common sections are structure engineering, water engineering, transportation engineering, geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, urban planning and so on. In comparison with others the scope of structural engineering is accelerating with quite greater speed and the reason behind is the more works related to this field in comparison to others.

April 5, 2018


Entrepreneurship is capacity to develop and manage business and their risks to make profit. It is process of discovering various ideas to create opportunities and reduce the possibility of risk in business. It is neither science nor an art rather it is a practice. Entrepreneurship practice is the capacity that one has to live for […]