Pabin RL



December 17, 2019


ABSTRACT University and college admission is a complex decision process that goes beyond simply matching test scores and admission requirements. For an aspiring graduate student, choosing which universities to apply to is really a difficult problem. Often, the students wonder if their profile is good enough for a certain university. In this project, this problem […]

June 10, 2018

Birth & Rise of the Internet

Probably you might be reading this article on your mobile phone or laptop or desktop or may be in any device that technology today has created. I mean you are definitely not reading it’s printed version. Whatever device you might be using, have you ever wondered how the internet was developed and came into existence […]

May 6, 2018

Computer Engineering: Scope & Career Guide

You might have heard that Engineering is considered as one of the difficult field of study. But, have you ever wondered, why despite being tough field, most student choose this field and become ready to accept it as their career. The reason behind this is, engineering is basically about solving problems, innovating and making people’s […]