Saroj Baskota


Saroj Baskota is an IT student who is studying in CITE.He is currently working in Bigo Information Technology as a web developer .


June 13, 2018

Introduction to bitcoin technology

Let’s have a discussion session about bitcoin, interest of world nowadays, 85% people are not getting proper information about bitcoin. Well, we, all, know about paper money which we are using in this time. I will explain bitcoin comparing with the paper money. the bitcoin concept was published in 2009 by the  Satoshi Nakamoto then […]

May 31, 2018

Introduction to 8085 Microprocessor and its components

The word “micro” means extremely small.  It means the microprocessor solve the problem by the small IC. The microprocessor read the instructions by the memory and executes the problems line by line. The microprocessor performs arithmetic and logical operation. That operation done by the ALU (Arithmetic Logical Unit). It is in large CPU (Center processing Unit). […]