January 3, 2020
Hamro College

Abstract Hamro College is an android application software which is helpful to students, teachers, college staffs or anyone who is associated with the academic purpose of college. In the existing scenario, most of the administrative and faculty activities are done manually and includes paperwork; attendance, billing etc. just for an example. Our system aims to […]

January 3, 2020
Driver Dai: A Bus Reservation System

Abstract Bus Transportation service and the automated operation and smart interaction system between passenger and operator is paramount in today’s age of information and communication technology.  ‘Driver Dai’ is an android app that facilitates interaction between a passenger and bus operator giving the real time location of a bus along with the information regarding the […]

January 3, 2020
View to an Engineering Education in Germany

People around the globe refer to Germany as the “Land of Ideas” and nobody has a second thought about it. There exists no room for doubt as this nation is ranked amongst the top countries in terms of education, innovation and economy. Well, keeping the fact in mind that every other nation is filled with […]

December 22, 2019

Since the onset of the contemporary globalization that started from the early 1970s, the world has seen greater flows of people, goods, investment and knowledge which have been the source of increasing welfare, or in other words, prosperity. However, these opportunities for greater prosperity are not distributed equally in all places. Greater connectivity helps people […]