Civil Engineering in Context of Nepal

Civil Engineering in Context of Nepal

March 18, 2018

Historical background of civil engineering accounts to more than 4000 years ago. It is one of the oldest engineering whose concepts are in practice from starting of civilization days to today and seems to continue along long future as well. We can still see many civil engineering works that withstand still even today though were constructed very in early periods. This certainly depicts the actual importance of CE.

While on the contrary the actual scope of civil engineering in our society seems to be encroached and taken so lightly. Nowadays people are found taking civil engineering not seriously and as a simple topic. For example even an illiterate contractor or workers are found themselves being more capable and experienced than a civil engineering. Our society also, due to lack of awareness, in the name of cost reduction of construction, does not consult an engineer as a result construction works cannot be cost effective of quality and does not complete on time which ultimately helps in increasing cost with low quality product.

Today in our community the civil engineering works that are frequently  in practice in construction of multi-storey building or road construction. Are these only the scope of civil engineering ? We hear about many mega structures like Palms island, Burz khalifa, three Gorges dam, space station, Lake Mead, Milaau viaduct, channel tunnels . these are the actual fields where new concepts of CE are used extensively. Confined to same construction works may make non technical personnel much skilled or knowledgeable, but the question is “ can they compete with technical personnel on building new concepts and work accordingly like a civil engineer ?”

Further next major problem is the lack of sufficient practical knowledge to a fresher engineer. The time s/he has a complete degree on own hand, s/he has very few practical knowledge. There is no time for internships to cilvil engineers. This very reason makes them feel so unskilled and even unsecured. Further during the 4 years course completion we study more than 50 different subjects. Due to not being quite specific in intra fields of civil engineering ,every students feel quite hectic by the time they complete their study During learning students are emphasized  for theoretical knowledge and as soon as completion the demand in market will be of a  skilled civil engineer. It is found only about  10% learning is practical rest all being theoretical knowledge.

As a result to this, our country is lacking far behind in the field of constructions and infrastructural development. we hardly see  applications of civil engineering furnished well. More than 1000 civil engineers each year come to market in our country but there is no well addressing of these huge high skilled manpower. Our country can develop speedily if these resources can be utilized properly and wisely.

Thus, it is very important to make a clear concept about the scope of Civil Engineering in between   both the common people and  graduates. Mega projects should be launched  parallel for infrastructural development of nation that along with broadens the real importance and capability of civil engineering.  further it is also equally important to focus on specific learning  and particularly more practical based  education is must like in developed nations.