Engineering Enthusiasts Transforming Sports: Engineers in Leadership Roles at Nepal Skating and Skate Boarding Association

Engineering Enthusiasts Transforming Sports: Engineers in Leadership Roles at Nepal Skating and Skate Boarding Association

August 6, 2023

In Bagmati Pradesh, Nepal, the interest in promoting sports is not limited to athletes alone. Even engineers are actively involved in the development and growth of sports. Specifically, in the Nepal Skating and Skateboarding Association, three engineers have been elected to significant roles. Suman Kattel, Prakash Shrestha, Kushal Pokhrel have assumed their responsibilities Vice president , General Secretary and Treasurer respectively within the association.
Their involvement signifies a diverse approach towards sports administration, as engineers bring their expertise in various fields such as infrastructure development, technology, and management. This collaboration between engineers and sports enthusiasts ensures a well-rounded approach to enhancing the sport of skating and skateboarding in the region.

Their dedication and passion for promoting sports at the regional level reflect a growing interest among professionals in contributing to the overall well-being of the community. With engineers actively participating in sports associations, it not only enhances the management capabilities but also fosters a holistic and inclusive approach towards sports development. Their commitment to these roles is likely to lead to the continued growth and success of skating and skateboarding activities in Bagmati Pradesh.
Additionally ,Chairman Suman Ghimire leads the team with his passion for sports and a vision for the association’s progress. Assisting him in the journey are Vice Presidents Sajan Deuja and Santosh Sapkota, who bring their expertise and valuable insights to the table. Their collective efforts contribute to a well-rounded approach towards sports development.

Adding to the roster of dedicated individuals is Secretary Prakash Tamang, who takes charge of administrative tasks and ensures smooth operations. Alongside him are members Bipin Kuikel, Harish Maharjan, Nabaraj Khadka, Sajan Phaiju, and Prabal Timalsina, who each bring their unique skills and experiences to support the association’s objectives.

The diverse composition of this team showcases the inclusive nature of the Nepal Skating and Skateboarding Association. The collaboration of engineers and sports enthusiasts, along with the efforts of various professionals, promises a bright future for skating and skateboarding in Bagmati Pradesh. Their collective passion, dedication, and expertise will undoubtedly propel the association towards success, leaving a positive impact on the sports community in the region. This Bagmati Pradesh Committee selection has been accomplished successfully under the chief guest Central Chairman Achyut Khanal,Central Secretary Dinesh Bajagain ,Vice Chairman of Halesi Tuwachung Municipality Ramesh Kumar Raut on Shrawan 20,2080.