Hamro College

Hamro College

January 3, 2020


Hamro College is an android application software which is helpful to students, teachers, college staffs or anyone who is associated with the academic purpose of college. In the existing scenario, most of the administrative and faculty activities are done manually and includes paperwork; attendance, billing etc. just for an example. Our system aims to reduce such time-consuming efforts for everyone. The students and faculty data is stored in a server. Every user is provided with a unique login credential. The faculty members can update the academic materials and results, students can have easy access for viewing their marks, students/teachers profile and many more. Accounting staffs can update the billing information of the students of which the students can be immediately notified of. Teachers can keep a record of students, take attendance, post assignments etc. Other than this, some other features are notice system that sends notification to students about the college activities from the administration. Any new notice for a particular semester will be uploaded by the Year Coordinator through the application, notifying respective semester students. Application also includes other features like reminders, library book directory etc.

Background Theory

The project we have developed is a smartphone application that will be helpful to teachers, student, college staffs or anyone who is associated with the academic purpose of college. The application creates a common portal for everyone to view, share or update any academic or administrative notices or materials. For this, every user will have their own login credential through which they can login. The application also includes a notification system that will instantly notify everyone about recent college activities or any notices from the administration.
In addition to it, teachers can evaluate the final internal marks by updating the attendance whenever there is class, adding ADT and final assessment marks, assignment and other related performance. Also, the students as well as the teachers can update their personal information contained in database which requires the permission of admin to be changed. The students can also view library details like the available subject books, which can be semester as well as reference books, they will be getting in the future for the particular semester.

Problem Statement

In the current context, most of the college activities are manual and includes paperwork. All the information about students, faculty and staffs are maintained in files which will become obsolete at some time if not updated regularly. Updating all those data residing on papers at a regular basis is tiresome and tedious. The whole semester attendance is stored in registers and at the end of the session, the reports are generated. It becomes very difficult to see a student’s report in the middle of the semester or as per requirement because it takes more time in calculation. During the semester, the students who have a low attendance should be notified. It is helpful to those students having less than 75% attendance so that they could take regular classes of that particular subject. The college fee information are provided via bills mostly on an irregular basis of which the students
aren’t even aware about. Queries about student’s billing information require an actual walk to the account section. Furthermore, students are unaware of the semester books that are recommended by the teachers or which of the books are even available in their own library because there is no actual system that allow us to see these informations. The course books are provided but anything beyond our syllabus and we have to go through piles and piles of books to find it. Also, the notices from the administration are pasted on the notice board which does not ensure if the students have actually got the information. In all this, what seems to be an additional problem is the massive use of significant amount of papers for the data that could be digitized and this is redundant.


  • To create a common platform for every college students and teachers to view, update or share any notices or materials related to both academics and administration.
  • To reduce cumbersome paperwork and manual labor.

Scope of Project and Applications

  • Notices and Notifications

It can be used to instantly notify students and college staffs about recent notices and college activities. This drastically minimizes the expenses of the college by cutting the cost of telephone calls and stationary needs.

  • Personalized Record Keeping

This app can be used to keep track of students’ profiles, academic records, billing information etc.

  • Final Marks Evaluation

It can be used for taking attendance of the students and updating the ADT and final assessment marks along with their other performance criteria. Through this, it is easier for the teachers to evaluate the final internal marks of the students.


Amit Maharjan, Ashish Ghimire, Ashwin Neupane and Kiran Koirala