Musical Water Fountain

Musical Water Fountain

August 26, 2018


The objective is simple, yet profound. Our team is to design an interface through which the audio music spectrum could be displayed by the following water fountain. Because of limited time and budget we had to narrow down our project to demonstrate the fountain by a single pump and with the arrays of LEDS. This project is an interface between Personal Computer (which extracts the real time Fast Fourier Transform(FFT) of the music in Python) and the  micro controller. The very micro controller generates Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) which finally synchronizes the height of water flow through the submersible pump from the FFT data transmitted serially. The spectral output is shown in water fountain and in the graph as well.


The title of the project itself makes your guessing easy what the project is all about. It is merely an economical approach to bring the essence of natural beauty to one’s home. Most of the existing water fountains are predefined and choreographed, that makes them real hard to modify. Well , what we have tried to create is the dynamic water fountain that gets choreographed according to the music played.

Water Fountain is the natural source of beauty. But with the course of time the water fountain have been realized with the application of motor and valves. Nowadays water fountain, as a source of decoration and entertainment, can be seen on many places.

Music, on the other hand, is contemporary one of the major source of entertainment and relaxation. Mankind loves to reside close with the nature and its music. So, we have designed a fountain whose flow is defined by music itself.

The project work undertaken here tries to change the existing water fountains and make them capable of synchronizing according to the music played. The main principle behind it is real time calculation of Fourier Transform. The FFT algorithm is implemented in python platform to generate the amplitude of respective frequency components of the wave audio file and is converted to eight bit data before transmitting into the micro-controller. The micro-controller is programmed to get the serial data from python and hence control the height of flow of water from the nozzle according to the amplitude of corresponding frequency component.

The important factor to be considered during calculation is range of frequency components and their corresponding amplitudes. Windowing is done to select the required range of frequencies. Here we have made use of micro-controller to process the signal received.


  • Paribesh Koirala
  • Prajun Adhikary
  • Prakash Shrestha