Computer Engineering: Scope & Career Guide

You might have heard that Engineering is considered as one of the difficult field of study. But, have you ever wondered, why despite being tough field, most student choose this field and become ready to accept it as their career. The reason behind this is, engineering is basically about solving problems, innovating and making people’s life easier. You feel great solving one level and heading towards next while playing game don’t you? Engineering is also like that it’s all about solving problems, completing missions and it’s fun. And you know what? the pay is awesome, yea! you heard it right and I am not kidding. Enough of talk huh? Now, let’s dive into the main topic.

If you are planning to study Computer Engineering I must say, you are in the right path. There would be no other better option than computer engineering in this particular period of time. The whole world is going through the technological revolution, every thing is being computerized. And you should know that the bureau of labour statistics projects more than 30% employment growth for software developers between 2016 and 2026.

By now you might have decided no other but to study Computer Engineering, I want to congratulate you for making right decision buddy!. Do you want to know the scope of Computer Engineering in Nepal? Don’t worry! that’s what the next paragraph is about.

You are lucky, Because Nepal is just at the base camp in the journey of software revolution, many products that Europe and America has already experienced is just being developed in Nepal. There are huge number of things that can be made online or computerized. That basically indicates that, there are lots of projects going on in the Computer Technology in Nepal and you would never have to worry about the Job. Talking about the scope of Computer Engineering in Nepal, Many IT company in Nepal are sustaining just on freelance projects, and for being a freelancer you don’t need to be a company you just have to make a good profile listing all your skills in the websites like, and you are good to go. You can be a full time job holder in an IT company and also engaged in freelance projects via those sites, it’s up to you.

So, You decided to study Computer Engineering and you are satisfied with the fact that there is a great scope of computer engineering in Nepal, but now where should you get your degree of computer engineering?  My advice to you is IOE (Institute of Engineering), it’s the Engineering division of Tribhuvan University. There are 4 constituent campuses and 14 affiliated colleges. The central constituent campus is Pulchowk Engineering Campus located at Harihar Bhawan, Lalitpur. IOE conducts the entrance exam every year and the top ranked students get chance to study in central campus with full scholarship.

Full Scholarships, did you hear that? But it’s not easy piece of cake matey. You have to study real hard to get it. It’s difficult to get it but not impossible. So stop watching pranks on youtube and stop scrolling facebook news feed, get some motivation and start preparing for entrance exam. Remember it is full scholarship.  I believe in you pal, you will definitely get it.

I want to conclude by saying that, there is a great scope of computer engineering in Nepal and there are lots of colleges providing computer engineering degrees. It’s worth investing in computer engineering degree even if you got out of luck getting full scholarship. Get your degree, develop your skills and use it to change the technological face of Nepal. We don’t want to hear westerner’s saying us Third World Country any more. Build Something, make an impact who knows maybe you are the next Elon Musk.