Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. An implementation of AI is based on artificial neural network, machine learning, image processing and automation engineering. AI is such a system which is developed to perform a specific task with higher efficiency. This system includes both hardware and software whereas hardware related to the electronic devices. The programming can be performed for interfacing hardware equipment. In the field of agriculture, AI is an emerging technology which changes the methodology of irrigation. With the development of AI-based equipment and machines, today’s agriculture system is enhancing on the next level. This concept will help crop production, real-time monitoring, harvesting, processing and marketing.

Yielding better productivity of crops in agriculture, various devices based on AI were developed using various sensors and microcontrollers for the fabrication of an embedded system which is designed to perform a specific task. The various problems that are observed in the field of agriculture can be solved by manufacturing robots, electronic projects and IoT processing devices with an effective communication network. Some of the possible projects that can be implemented in the field of agriculture are highlighted below.

  1. Precision Based Agriculture System

The concept of precision based agriculture system is based on AI, machine learning and image processing. In this project, each and every sensor nodes deployed in the agricultural land can be monitored and further proceed to the controller or processor. The decision of processor is based on an algorithm where real-time data are collected, processed and analyzed to form prediction based result. After getting the final result from the processor, a control system will be activated and irrigate the land as per the requirement. All the information regarding a field can be uploaded in the server so that the people can get the notification from the internet. This system includes various sensors like temperature, moisture, humidity and water level sensor. Also, this system includes a camera and drone for capturing images and videos.

  1. Intelligent Irrigation System with real-time monitoring and control

In this project different sensors were deployed in the field and with the monitoring of real-time data from sensors by the microcontroller. A control circuit will be activated which lead to automatic irrigation and related information can be transmitted to user smartphone through GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication). Normally microcontrollers and raspberry PI are used for processing and programming.

  1. Development of Drones

Development of Drones for capturing real-time images and videos for further processing. Drones are used for the implementation of precision based agriculture system.

  1. Manufacturing of Robots

The robot can be developed for performing a different task from sowing of seeds to harvesting of crops. The robot makes the task easy and which perform an automatic operation as per the requirement. The time duration of a task by the robot is much less as compared to human efforts. So, with the manufacturing of such robots will help in the field of agriculture for better enhancement.

  1. IOT processing Platform

The collected data from various sensors deployed in the agricultural field will be transferred through IoT processing devices and software. In this approach, every sensor mechanism will be connected with an internet. The user can receive the information from their mobile applications installed on their smartphone. Development of IOT platform will lead to online monitoring of real-time data.

Artificial Intelligence in the field of agriculture will lead to real-time monitoring and control for the implementation of precision based agriculture system. Electronic sensors will help to monitor the soil moisture content. So that as per the result of sensors reading, an automation can be done in irrigation.