The Flying Angel (Pari)

The Flying Angel (Pari)

August 30, 2020
  1. Name of the Idea/Project:

The Flying Angel (Pari)

  • Introduction

Wild Honey, Himalayan Giant Bees and Honey hunters.

The Himalayan Giant Bees and Wild Honey are the identity of Himalayas in Nepal. This giant Himalayan Honey bee makes their comb filled with honey hanging in the cliffs (above 300 feet) on Rocky Mountains. The honey hunters, who are the Mongol tribe in Nepal, natives living in Mountain regions are the ones who risk their lives to cut the comb to extract the honey out of the comb and this very technique has been passed down from generations.

How Wild Honey is hunted?

Honey hunters climb to the cliff just using ropes without proper safety and smoke away all the bees away to cut the comb into their traditional basket which is then brought down to the ground to extract wild honey out of it. They are poured into mud pots with bare hands.

  • Problem associated with honey hunting:

The herbal and meditational value of wild honey makes it the main source of income of the natives in Himalayas. Since it is very rare, it is very much in demand in the world. The extraction of wild honey sometimes comes in exchange of the life of honey hunters. They are often stung to death and climbing the cliff without a proper harness puts their life is always at risk. They are known to defy death every time they go to hunt for wild honey.

  • Solution to the problem:

Watching the documentary on the journey of death defying Honey hunters ran chills in our heart which compelled us to think of something that would be a help to them. Being the student of Robotics and Engineering, we have come up with the project and it is in idea phase only. 

The project ‘The Flying Angel (Pari)’ is the idea to design and develop a drone that would be able to carry robotic arms and a bucket which would be able to perform the three distinct works viz.

  1. Fly and Inspect the maturity of the honey comb without risking life of honey hunters and bees
  2. Smoke or buzz the bees away without killing them before hunting
  3. Cut and Grab the honey comb to bring it back to the ground

With the knowledge of engineering and the modern day technology, we are always determined to work for humanity and save overall life through robotics. The use of technology not just save lives but saves the environment as well and the maker of liquid gold, Himalayan Honey Bees.

  • Extension of the project in Future:

Since Nepal is the country of herbs, spices and plants which have medicinal values and they are more abundant in the cliffs of Rocky Mountains of our Himalayas. Our plan is to develop various robotic arms for different work scenarios such as scrapping, cutting and grabbing.

  • Conclusion:

With the implementation of the project, Real essence of Himalayas would then be available to the whole world without them worrying about the life of people associated.