Ultrasonic Radar

Ultrasonic Radar

August 26, 2018


This project “ULTRASONIC RADAR” has been undertaken with an objective of measuring the distance, orientation and other possible attributes of the distant objects with the application of the RADAR principle using ultrasound as wave and to display it in radarscope in the local computer.

We used ultrasonic transducers, transmitter to transmit the ultrasonic wave at 40 KHZ and receiver to receive the reflected signal when the wave is reflected back by any nearby object. When any reflected signal is sensed by our sensor, micro-controller calculates the time difference which gives the distance and is given to the computer to display it in radarscope through serial communication.

We succeeded in completing our project by displaying the distance and direction of nearby object in radarscope in the local computer.




Technology has influenced each and every aspect of human life. Latest technology has revolutionized the world. But this is not the end. Technology is ever changing and every day new and new technologies are involving to be more precise.

The rise in the development in technology is highly boosted by the invention of ICs after 80s. Today is the age of those small pieces of ICs. Also the technology is successful because it is using the nature. Currently, what we are using in their latest designs and implementations is the basic knowledge about various kinds of waves such as Electromagnetic waves,ultrasonic waves etc. Those rays have their own pros and cons.But people choose according to their system requirements.

In our project, we are using Ultrasonic waves because using audio is not as efficient as ultra sound due to number of limitations associate with it. Our project is a microcontroller based prototype for measuring the range and other attributes of a distant object. We have  used ATMEL AT89C51 microcontroller, which has RISC type architecture and has a number of advantages over others. The device is mainly designed to be used in a fixed station and is connected with the monitoring section through wire. Our design uses a PC a monitoring device that displays the object along with its range and speed. The transducers are used to measure the distance and speed of the far situated objects. The

role of the microcontroller is  is also vital. Without it we cannot think of our project. We have
used ATMEL AT89C51. The detail descriptions about ultrasound and technology, description about the ATMEL AT89051, software and hardware descriptions are presented in the following sections.


  • Durga Bhandari
  • Nilesh Giri
  • Sachit Karki
  • Suchan Badhyakar