Voice Recognition Automation through an Android Application

Voice Recognition Automation through an Android Application

May 25, 2018

ABSTRACT: Voice Recognition System is an emerging field in this digitalized technology these days. Voice recognition system through an android platform adds some good flavor to this project. The process of voice recognition through this platform is achieved by converting the input voice signal into a text of string and after that, it is transmitted to an embedded system which contains an Arduino atmega328 microcontroller through Bluetooth as a means of serial communication between an Android application and a control system. The received text string on an Arduino can check with predefined voice command which was already given through programming on embedded c and if it resembles, then the specific task is performed by enabling the respective pin of an Arduino as high. This concept is highly applicable to industrial automation, home automation as well as in the field of digitalized robotics where an electronic system was activated by voice command through an android application.

KEYWORDS: Arduino Atmega328, Bluetooth module, Lochan voice control android apps, ULN2003 relay driver.

I. Introduction

Voice recognition is the technique in which the input voice signal is transformed into its corresponding text or string through establishing the system to understand human voice. This technology only understands the words given through voice but not its meaning [1]. The embedded system which is established to detect the word string and further processes as condition check with predefined commands if the condition is true then further implement the specific task as per the user requirements. This deals with an exact idea of voice recognition system. The performance of voice recognition system will be determined by the quality of signal preprocessing stage [2]. Some of the voice recognition projects can be found with having hardware module for interfacing with microcontroller but in this project, an android application is used to interface with a control system which helps in enhancing the digital technology. This technique achieves the goal of simplicity so as to plays an important role for disable person [3]. The concept of voice recognition system deals with the application and importance of automatic switching rather than the manual switching. A user can use this system through providing a single voice command to an android application, which translates the real world operations. We can develop various projects based on voice recognition in the field of robotics, this approach gives an idea to young generation students to uplift their innovative work and also helps on academic research and development [4]. The implementation of this project can be performed by using various controller ICs, among them we used Arduino Uno Atmega328 and which can be programmed by an Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The present paper has been organized in such a way that section II depicts the introduction of Arduino and its specification, whereas section III deals with the communication platform which is elaborated by Bluetooth module HC-05, section IV introduces the overall control circuit adopted in this project, section V introduces about android application with its system modelling. In section VI, Methodology has been discussed, Proteus simulation software has been used for designing the Simulation model in section VII, hardware implementation has been shown in section VIII and finally conclusion and future work of this approach has been discussed in section IX.

IX. Conclusion and Future Work

“Voice Recognition Automation through an Android Application Lochan voice control” was a project based on a microcontroller with an Android platform so it reduced the more hardware requirement and voice recognition module. This project was successfully implemented with features of low manufacturing cost, compact size, high system response, less power consumption and no operating cost. Hence we conclude that the required goals and objectives of our project have been achieved. As we discuss the future scope of this project, we are planning to enhance this technique in the field of robotics and industrial automation with the applications of artificial intelligence and Internet of things (IoT).


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Lochan Basyal

Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Amritsar Punjab India



Sandeep Kaushal

Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Amritsar Punjab India